Sunday, December 11, 2011

AltMove some Alpha version...


We release AltMove 3 Alpha. It's very very raw version, but atleast we're using it about two months already. What about me, I forgot about AltMove 2 :)


Here are some new features, we realized yet.

  • New key-mouse engine, modified AloneKey engine, but somewhere it is simpler now.

See, you can use mouse buttons as key modifier.

  • Drag'n'Do settings are more flexable. Here is a button to get access to abdvanced setup.
So, when you press it, you'll see all drag'n'do icons binded on same mouse-key combination. You can switch between these actions(by mouse too) within this window, also you can change position(by mouse) too and size of icons:

  • New interface. It's more comatible with different Windows version. And it is lightweight. Settings window of each action is opened in own window.

You can switch between standart and classic views:

Visit our web-site, to download and try AltMove3 Alpha.